Friday, September 4, 2015

The Wind, the Hilltop, and the Mist

I live on a hilltop. The land drops off to the east, and so I see a beautiful sunrise, marred only by a neighbor's house and electrical wires and poles.

East and south of here is a little town called Pleasant Hope, and to get there, across the county roads, you must cross a small river. That means our hill, the highest point between here and Pleasant Hope allows me to see the mist gather in the little river valleys. 

It's almost as if I'm in an airplane flying over clouds.

This morning was especially beautiful, but when I pulled out the trusty iPhone to photograph the valley mists, the picture was but a palette of gray. I suppose I need a camera, and a lens, and the ability to adjust timing and focus.

Until then, perhaps this will do to explain what I see from my window ... 

"The Wind"
as it appeared in fringe magazine

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