Monday, September 14, 2015

Oh, Say Can You See?

Apparently not, at least with the left eye, which cannot be corrected to better than 20/40. 


Never had eye surgery, and I'm a "squeezer," as the technician put it—the type who must have some pry eye lid open before I can put in eye drops.

I also have astigmatism. The opthamologist tells me the lens to correct astigmatism is $850 and will not be paid by insurance. It's considered "cosmentic."

The doctor wants me to pay the extra for it, even though I suppose he makes little from its sale. It's the same work, after all, to insert a regular lens or an astigmatic lens.

I won't need prescription glasses if I have it installed, but my right eye is 20/125 uncorrected, and I still need to wear glasses for its vision. My thought, "Since I'm going to need glasses anyway, why pay the extra?

His response? You're going to be so pleased with the left eye's new vision that you'll want the right eye done. I really don't need the right eye done, but it can be done according to the "payability" of cataract surgery.

Either way, I'll still need reading glasses, which he says, "Get a Wal-Mart cheapie. They'll do. I'll even be able to wear those trendy over-the-counter sunglasses—the Oakleys, the Raybans, etc.

I've never not worn glasses, at least as an adult. I begin wearing prescription lenses when I entered the seventh grade. 

[Mind boggler: if this had been available when I was younger, and if I hadn't gotten polio, I could have qualified as a pilot.]

I'm confused about the lens selection.

I'm worried about eye surgery. I do not like anything touching my eyes!

Most of all, I befuddled that here I am, all 70-plus-years of me, ready to appear without glasses.

[Mind boggler #2: my wife has never seen me function without glasses, nor for that matter, without a beard.]

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