Tuesday, September 8, 2015

"I'm a Non-Attorney Spokesperson"

We live in the boondocks, and satellite is the only way we have to get all the ESPN-TNT-TBS-19-Kids-And-Counting channels.

But we quit 'em about two years ago because the price was reaching car payment levels.

So now we have local broadcast channels, a circumstance which has brought me to notice the inordinate number of advertisements for attorneys.

I'm not referencing local attorneys. I can probably count them on a double handful in the 300,000 population metropolitan area, meaning those that advertise.

I'm speaking of those who advertise for class action suits or individual damage suits for asbestos poisoning, medical device failures, and pharmaceutical interactions.

It seems the advertisements never cease.

Now I realize Big Money is involved, but it got me to thinking of those advertisements we used to run on small town radio. The advertisements were sent to the small station, and the station was paid a portion of any order.

You sent in your $3.95 for a jar of "Aunt Betty's Magic Colic Cream" and the station would receive seventy-five cents or so.

I wonder if that's how these attorney advertisements are sponsored. If I call in Samuel J. Solicitor's office because I've been badly injured by Drug Conglomerate, Inc.'s foot powder—my toe fell off!—is it only then that the station gets paid for running the attorney's advertisement?

There has to be some catch. I don't see how any attorney could afford to advertise ten times a day on three different stations otherwise.

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