Monday, September 7, 2015

Chilly on Top

image taken from eBay
AC in public spaces is generally too, too much. We keep our our home at 80-82, finding the reduction in humidity the main factor in comfort.

Out new pastor keeps the church at 70. Mass requires me to wear a shirt, a scarf, and a sweater, and I'm still cold -- yes, cold -- because I'm cold natured. (Let's not mention the bone-chilling temperatures in hospitals and doctors offices or shops where the idea is to keep everyone moving.)

After Mass, I hurried to the van, which had been sitting in the sun, climbed in, and enjoyed the, ah, warm temperatures.

"I see you got cold again," my wife said.

"My bald head. The darned vent blasts right down on my head."

"You need a toupee," she said.

Logical, since we're Catholic rather than Jewish, and thus we cannot wear a hat in church.

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