Monday, August 31, 2015


I once wrote a memoir. I was reminded of that yesterday when I received a check for $26.93 from the University of Iowa Press yesterday. The memoir, published in 2008, sold six copies here in the USA and one copy internationally.

There are days I wish I hadn't written a memoir. I know people living and dead are offended by what I wrote, my thoughts, my opinions. I suppose if I get to Heaven I'll be lambasted. Perhaps there's no lambasting in Heaven.

I've written no more books. I've written essays. I've written hundreds of book reviews. I like writing book reviews. I liked writing the memoir, in fact, but it was difficult. Maybe I'm going through a stage of memoir regret. Still. Here eight years later, more or less. I was raised to never say "Look at me! I'm great!" 

To write a memoir you must put that aside. And say "Look at me! My story my teach you something!"

I hope it did. I hope there was a karmic balance—one person made better for every person hurt.

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