Friday, August 28, 2015

Buried Treasure

There's an interesting story on a site I visit regularlyThe Chive—that brought back memories of moving to the little village of Hurley, Missouri.

No need to name names, or even I suppose to give the exact location, but my father bought what was called "The Smith Place," a 1920s era Craftsman bungalow on 15 acres.

"Ol' man Smith didn't trust banks," folks begin telling my dad. "His money's buried all over that place in coffee cans."

We never found any buried cans, full or money or not.

This was before the era of metal detectors. Maybe it'd be worthwhile to go back and walk the grounds with one now. Of course, that money—and those cans—would be close to 75 years buried now. I doubt a coffee can would survive that long, and once the can had rusted away, any paper money would rot. 

Let's go look for silver dollars!

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