Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Cruel and Unusual Irony

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Should rapists be put to death?

Oh, maybe, in my book. I can think of horrid circumstances where I might not object to the capital punishment of a rapist. Let's not list them here. Too horrid.

And I'm a hypocrite. I doubt I could sit on a jury and vote for the death penalty. Too impersonal. Too caught up in the maneuverings of our fragile legal system. 

I could kill another person. Without compunction, I think. I would kill to save my life, to save the life of someone I love. Let's not call that self-defense, though, if we're going to discuss the issue. It's killing. 

I say that because I hate the euphemism of "harvesting" when people speak of killing game. That cow that gave her life for your Big Mac was killed. Let's hope humanely.


Is it humane to relieve "unbearable psychological suffering?"

A rapist will be euthanized in that country because of the aforementioned "suffering."

It would have been cruel and unusual punishment to have executed him for any of those crimes.

Ah, irony.

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