Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Volunteering for the Death Penalty
The mechanisms of the so-called "right to die" movement -- as if a human being had any other choice -- has taken a bizarre turn in the peaceful country of Belgium.
BRUSSELS (Reuters) - A Belgian murderer and rapist serving a life sentence is to be allowed to have doctors end his life following a ground-breaking ruling under laws in Belgium permitting people to request euthanasia. 
Frank Van Den Bleeken had argued that he had no prospect of release since he could not overcome his violent sexual impulses and so he wanted to exercise his right to medically assisted suicide in order to end years of mental anguish. 
"Over recent years, he has been seen by several doctors and psychologists and their conclusion is that he is suffering, and suffering unbearably," his lawyer, Jos Vander Velpen, told state broadcaster VRT. 
The judicial ruling was the first involving a prisoner since the euthanasia law was introduced 12 years ago. 
It was not clear when the medical procedure, to be conducted in a hospital, would take place, the lawyer added.

Is there anything logical to be said about this process? The murder victim suffered the loss of her life, her future; she did not choose to die; but the murderer gets a chance to end his (supposed) suffering by choosing to die. 

Is Orwell rewriting Alice in Wonderland?

Of course, Belgium is the country that approved the voluntary euthanasia of twin brothers who were deaf and who were going blind. 

I am not God. I am one of those who would have surrounded the woman at the well, unworthy to throw a stone. However, I cannot see why the state should be involved when a person has the will and the means to end his or her life. What the state permits, it can demand. And personally, I fear a State that might has the power one day to kill -- euthanize -- those who need assistance to care from themselves. 

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