Thursday, December 19, 2013

Book Review: Interesting Mystery, Exotic Setting

Eastward in Eden
Terence Faherty 
The Mystery Company 

Reviewed by Gary Presley for Foreword Magazine

Owen Keane, failed seminarian and amateur detective, initially rejects a suggestion from a former teacher, Brother Dennis Feeney, to travel to Kenya and learn what’s amiss with Keane’s old classmate, Father Philip Swickard, whose recent communications are unsettling. Keane soon, however, finds himself in Kenya, flying to the village where Swickard’s mission is located. In this intelligent thriller, Keane confronts spiritual confusion, corruption, tribal conflict, and a grisly murder.

A truly good, cozy mystery, if one doesn’t mind death by machete, crafted by a maestro of character, setting, and narrative.

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