Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Ironside, Redux

The New York Times
Ironside is back. In the good old days, Raymond—Ironside—Burr had all the goodies I didn't have, the most enviable being a modified Ford van.

Now he's—Ironside, not Burr—has returned. I haven't seen the new series yet, but I've seen the previews, and Ironside is a paraplegic in one of those little athletic type wheelchairs, but he's getting a bad review from The New York Times. 
It's nice to read that kind of review, one that generates the expectation that a person in a wheelchair is mostly like everyone else, except in a wheelchair. 

We're not, of course. We're made different by our wheelchair disability, but the expectation that we should be like everyone else (given rightful accommodations, obviously) is a goal to strive for.

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