Thursday, January 17, 2013

And Here I Thought I Had Sold My Van

We have a new van. We don't need the old one. We've advertised on craigslist and on eBay local, and we've gotten several responses. We've even had two people come look at it, but so far, no buyers.

Last night, I received this text message:
Hello, what is your final price on your 1992 Ford E350 i will like you to mail me back via
Ah, a prospect, I thought.

And so I emailed:
I received your text message last night. 
I don't want to negotiate against myself, and so the price is $1,200 until someone decides to make an offer. If that someone were to bring cash, I might get really interested.
I received an almost-immediate reply:
Thanks so much for your swift response, am highly interested inpurchasing your item and i will like to offer you $1,300 for the Item,only if you consider my offer as your concluding buyer and also i maynot be able to come down to you to check the Item due to some vitareasons and for the nature of my work, additionally you will not beresponsible for the shipping arrangement and the shipping fee only ifyou are ready to dispense the Item. Am gonna contact a shippingcompany and make an arrangement on that, kindly get back to me withthe Item location so i can make the pick up arrangement besides theshipping charges. To give out your money will be through PayPalbecause they are easier and the fastest means of sending and receivingmoney so kindly get back to me with your PayPal email address forquick payment and if you are new to this i will ask you to and get registered with them, once you are through onthe site  just get back to me with your paypal email address for aquick transaction thanks and please i will like you to get back to mewith more pics of the item

Stay Blessed....

Ah, but Mrs. Presley didn't raise no fools. Maybe it was "item" instead of "van" that tipped me off. Maybe it was the fact that Mr. Jackson offered $100 more than I asked.

And so I did and emailed him this response.: 

Ah, good, but I don't use Paypal, and I don't want to set up an account. I have my own private website with a "checkout" feature for sales. You can leave your money there:
He hasn't replied.


Cindy Dwyer said...

LOL. What? You didn't click on the link he so helpfully included for you to enter your checking account or credit card information? After he went through all that trouble, now you'll be stuck with that van forever!

Well, at least you got a good laugh out of it!

Francene Stanley said...

Very funny, article, Gary, and a timely advice to others about being wary.