Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Tammy Two

Tammy Two
When my wife was 3-years-old, her father took payment at service station he owned in the form of a Siamese kitten. My wife called it Tammy, and that kitten lived for 22-years.

We now have a 3-year-old living with us, and while no one owes me any money (or at least any money I have hopes of collecting), I was able to find an almost-Siamese kitten that needed a 3-year-old girl. 

Her name's going to be Tammy, of course, despite my suggestion that it be Tammy Two.

I have no problem with this. I like Siamese cats. They're curiouser that most cats, vocal, and want to be part of your life. This Tammy is all that in spite of not being all Siamese.

We've been taming her (acclimating might be a better word) by locking her within the main bathroom and taking cat food to her. The second night we opened the bathroom door and let her have the run of the bedroom. Yesterday I opened the bedroom door, but she hasn't ventured forth into the main part of the house. This morning when I took her a few tablespoons of food, she ate them quickly, and as I began to drive out of the bedroom, she hopped on my lap, purring. 

We talked for a while, and she hopped off and onto a rocking chair. When I left the room, she came to the threshold of the door and sat, howling. She howled until I was out of sight, but she wouldn't follow me into the rest of the house. Cats are strange creatures.

It doesn't pay to send me to look for a Siamese kitten, for now I have the urge to adopt another dog. The local craigslist is filled with I want one of those ... dogs. Labradoodles (Don't you think a Labradoodle or Goldendoodle would look better with a docked tail?). Boxers (I like Boxers with their ears left uncropped.). Schnauzer-Poodle mixes. A purebred Sheltie. And Boston terriers. 

Supposedly craigslist is a place to rehome rescue pets rather than a place to sell pets. But some folks get carried away with rehoming fees by boosting them as high as $500 (for a retired English bulldog breeder), which in turn means the I know the rules and I'm gonna enforce 'em folks immediately flag the sellers and remove the post. Every corner of the Internet seems to have its own criteria for flame wars.

We rehomed Tammy Two on Sunday, and I've been able to withdraw from craigslist cold turkey since then, but even now, thinking of all those dogs out there, I have the urge to mouse over and just take a peek for a minute. 

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