Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Taking a Second Job

I love my parttime occupation: book reviewing. It doesn't pay much, but it pays, and best of all I get to see what is new and exciting in lit-fic and action-adventure stuff, the two sub-genres I seem to end up with most often.

But I also have an avocation: volunteering as a shopping cart. Here I am with a large picture frame from a photography shop; the proceeds from a trip through Target; and (behind my back) two large pieces of whiteboard for a children's art project. 

All light. All easy to transport, unless obviously I'm forced to navigate through the narrow-narrow aisles many merchants use to take advantage of total floor space. Given the protuberances on the power-chair, not to mention the cargo draped over it, I often clear clothes racks and display models of exhibited goods.

Kirkus review here
Two of the better pieces of contemporary literary fiction I've read lately are The Infinite Tides, about which I said, "A wonderfully executed debut novel, so rich as to inspire rereading, right down to its inevitable resolution, both ironic and existentialist."

Kirkus review here
Everyone likes to root for the protagonist, but Kiefer's most appealing characters to me are an Ukrainian immigrant couple.

Another interesting take on life in the U.S.A. is 
Pauls Toutonghi's Evel Knievel Days. "Khosi Saqr is an all-American boy, growing up in Butte, and a descendant of William Andrews Clark, the copper-mining king who put the Montana city on the world map."

Both of these reviews earned a thoroughly deserved Kirkus Star.

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karna said...

Hi Gary
...getting caught up on my blog reads this morning .... love the photo. I'm sure it made many readers smile. I enjoy your political-related commentaries too -you always offer me something to contemplate. Enjoy August!