Thursday, May 17, 2012

Atheists, Gay Marriage, Politics, and Anger

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If you're an evangelical atheist and want to call me deluded and ignorant for finding comfort in Genesis 1:3 and Mark 22:36-40, I don't care.

If you support same-sex marriage and you believe I repress your rights by differentiating legal marriage from marriage based on religious tenets, I can only say everyone is equal under the law. But since everyone has different beliefs, let's stay out of one another's business.

If you're conservative who supports Romney, thinks George W. Bush did not squander lives and treasure on a fool's errand, and believes Obama is a socialist, I think you're wrong, but I probably can keep from calling you ignorant or stupid.

Why is everyone so angry? Why is everyone so intent upon forcing their viewpoint upon other people? Why do discussions descend into name-calling? 

We can still be friends. I have no need to convert you to my point of view. You are responsible for your own soul. You will enjoy the consequences of your own beliefs and actions.

I am bored with anger and recrimination and accusation. Even when anger is justified–when the leader of a publicly owned corporation loses $2 billion dollars and then rationalizes his $23 million contract—I find my anger evolving into cynical realism: people nearly always act in the best interests of self. 

It is only when a thoughtful and empathetic human being does not choose self that we get a glimpse of what it means to be fully human. Luckily, there are many such souls in my life. And so I have stopped investing emotional energy in those who are angry, those who are selfish, those who lie and dissemble, the devious and the malcontented, the rigid and the overly passionate.

If you need me, I'm over here, enjoying a cup of green tea and a nourishing Quest protein bar.    

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