Saturday, April 21, 2012

LSD, Magic Mushrooms, and Hemoglobin Defiency

I have never taken LSD. I have never eaten a hallucinogenic mushroom. But I once bled sufficiently that it required four units of whole blood to make me whole again.

Normal hemoglobin levels are 10-14 gm/dL. My hemoglobin at 6.0 gm/dL, and I began to dream—dreams which are generated by the great stew of biochemistry, genetics, and emotional experience, dreams which in turn generate fear, awe, confusion, panic; and understanding, comprehension of the nature of things, guides for the future, reinforcement of belief, and haunting shadows that hollow out faith.

Everything is female, feminine. Not by scent. Not by form or shape. Not identifiable in any material or immaterial sense, but feminine, female, all the same, in whole, entire. Perfectly female. Female beyond question. And this essence that is female has become Everything. There is no need for male. That which is female has both lost the need for male-link reproduction and become sufficient unto itself in a way that all that ever was male or female is now feminine and all that will be in future or past or present will be female without autogamy, asexual reproduction, or self-fertilization. There will be one gender. That gender will be female, without the need for male, and yet retaining all the qualities of femaleness, perfect without the masculine, perfect without me, but welcoming, perfect and indifferent, perfect, feminine.


Bob Sanchez said...

Gary, about those mushrooms you ate tonight... ;-)

Beth Camp said...

Gary, it's the indifference that gets to me. I can see the essence in all things just being . . . but human or not human, rather than male or female. Perhaps the disparity our culture creates disappears when we recognize the male and female in ourselves. All is possible. Be well. Thank you for writing of these experiences. And, yes, stop taking aspirin!