Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Professor Hawking Gets a Lap Dance

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The story about the brilliant astrophysicist Stephen Hawking seeking pleasure in strip clubs has been circulating  through disability rights discussion venues over the last few days. 

Most of us are thinking, Nothing like the idea of a geek-on-wheels getting a lap dance to excite the masses. But hey, you should realize that geeks—and crips—need love too. 

"Love," sure, but remember, your neighborhood crips possess all the foibles and bad habits normally issued to a human being. That means you may find a crip who enjoys an extramarital dip into the fleshy pleasures that are referred to as love making but might better be labeled sexercise.

Huffington Post catches up to the story here, whimsically in the science section, no doubt because it discusses fundamental biology. 
Stephen Hawking may be confined to a wheelchair, but that doesn't seem to keep him from making the rounds. The celebrated astrophysicist is a regular at a sex club in California, according to media reports.
The 70-year-old, almost completely paralyzed by a neurological disorder known as motor neurone disease, frequents a San Bernadino "swinger's club" called Freedom Acres, a long-time member of the club told Radar Online.
A writing friend offered the opinion, "Well well...if this is to be believed, it certainly adds an interesting element to any sex therapy discussion."

Let's set this aside:
  • Although I am no Santorumist about sexual activities, I do believe there is a spiritual element within sexual relations between two people, and so I cling to the belief that sex (good sex, real sex) cannot be divorced from love.
  • I realize many people regard sex, if the contact is between two (or more, I suppose, for those who enjoy team sports) consenting adults, as nothing more than a good work-out at the Y.
All that said, Hawking's escapades make more sense to me than sexual surrogacy. What's happening with the good professor, if the stories are close to true, is straightforward and simple—no strings (theory, or not), no emotional attachment, all good fun if that's the sort of good fun a person wants—and far better than the pretend intimacy which is the fundamental precept of sexual surrogacy.

Of course, there is this. I read in one report that the good professor enjoys a lap dance, a pleasure brought to him while he reclines on a couch. I urge proper training for lap dancers for crips, especially those of us with quadriplegia. Many of us have respiratory insufficiency. A vigorous lap dance might smother us. Imagine the loss of Hawking's intellectual contributions to misapplied augmented mammary glands.

And there are other issues:
  • Being a proud married male and thus an avid feminist, I worry over the lack of opportunity for the passion-restricted female Hawkings among us. Yes, I know there are Chippendale dancers and similar clothed-female/nude male enterprises, but I am not sure such places provide the access and services equal to the two-or-three thousand strip clubs in the USA.
  • Hawking is rich, evidently. Some of the reports suggest he was accompanied by an entourage of care-givers and nurses. That's an expense beyond drinks and folding money to tuck into G-strings.
  • A good number of crips are poor and unemployed. I am not sure if Medicaid or disability benefits will spring for sexual surrogacy services, but I'm certain no doctor will certify a visit to a strip club as "medically necessary."    


Francene said...

Stephen Hawkins is a hero of mine. The man's strength and determination inspires me. Not to mention that we were born on the exact same day. I can imagine waiting in heaven (for want of a better term) and discussing our future life. His extra curricular activities come as a surprise at 70 yrs. yet prove he's human. Long may he astound us with the wanderings of his mind.

Bob Sanchez said...

My first reaction to the news was "Say what?" But my second was "Why not?"