Friday, February 3, 2012

Por Allí Resopla!

As seen on Amazon
Mr. Google says that's Spanish for "There she blows!"*

Over the past year or so, my wife has been reading nightly to the toddler who lives with us. She began with things like If You Give a Pig a Party, but lately my wife's moved on to more complex books, perhaps too complex for a little girl not yet three-years-old, at least in the minds of some people. As for us, we think the power and rhythm of the language will do much to develop a love of reading. In any event, my wife is currently reading Moby Dick, albeit an abbreviated, illustrated version targeted perhaps at elementary students.

The girl loves it, even to the point of yelling "There she blows!" while taking a bath.

That reminded me of Classics Illustrated. I probably wouldn't have made it through high school without those little comic-ized classic novels. And so to do my part, I found a Moby Dick from Campfire Graphic Novels, very richly illustrated in India with an English language adaption of text.

But I was not content to let well enough alone, a folk wisdom from the make do generation. I understood true filmed versions—think Gregory Peck or Patrick Stewart—of the seminal American novel might be too intense for a not-yet-three-year-old girl, and so I decided on and searched out and bought an animated version. I felt proud of myself, thinking surely this elementary story would be better than the anthropomorphism and squishy humanistic values in many of the Disney DVDs we have around the house. 

It was something of a hit-and-miss search, given that Amazon had far more VHS tapes than it did DVDs, and so without second thought, I immediately clicked on the buy button, adding it to my cart.

It wasn't until yesterday that she and I sat down to enjoy the little film and I discovered I had ordered a DVD with the dialog in Spanish.

Yes, Por Allí Resopla!

*inaccuracy in translation should be blamed on Google.

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Karna Converse said...

FunnyFunnyFunny! But you get lots of points for trying ;)