Sunday, December 11, 2011

Never Take Your Husband Grocery Shopping
I rarely go grocery shopping with my wife. She's the sort who doesn't like to shop and might grow a bit grumpy prowling the aisles of Wally World. But I did go this past Friday because we had to run other errands.

Grocery shopping done, I watched as she pushed the cart onto our van's wheelchair lift. She ran the cart up into the van and unloaded the groceries. While I was waiting, I thought, Hey, why don't we just drive home? We can use the cart to unload the groceries and not be forced to make five or six trips into the house.

It was 29-degrees, a tiny bit breezy, and cloudy. Wanting to get into the van and turn on the heater might have spurred that thought, but when I voiced the idea as she brought the cart down the lift, she said, "Oh, yeah. And what about the security cameras?"
"Too bad a person can't buy one," I said.

"My grandmother used to have a little square one," my wife said. "She used all the time when she lived in Chicago."

I wondered if such a thing were still available. "Google knows everything," she said.

"Yeah," I replied, "but even if I found one, you'd probably be too self-conscious to use it."

"Not me, pal. I have out-grown that stage. I'm for anything that cuts down on the workload."

And so today I ordered a shopping cart. Granted, I will probably still have to fulfill my own "carry all duties" when we're in the mall, but now at least I won't have to make six trips from the kitchen to the van after every grocery shopping trip.

Now, don't you wish you had a van with a wheelchair lift?

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