Monday, November 14, 2011

Infinite Hidden Reasons

I sometimes think that those of us who are certain of the reasons we do things are simply fooling ourselves. Thus, a tattoo.

I have wanted a tattoo. I have thought a tattoo silly, juvenile. My wife, far more conservative in outlook, has two, but they are hidden. One is a dragonfly. The other is a daisy.

Of course, if a person wants a tattoo, a decision must be made about the design. I'm not much for dragons. Or Harley-Davidson emblems. Or Japanese or Chinese symbols, although I do think there is a measure of mystical truth expressed by the yin-yang symbol and by the concept of karma.

I chose the mathematical sign for infinity. I am intrigued by the concept of infinity, especially as it relates to astrophysics and the universe. How can the universe be infinite if it is entire and if there was infinite nothing before the Big Bang and now it is expanding into ...


Actually, it doesn't matter. It is simply a thing I puzzle over in the middle of the night. 

That doesn't really explain the tattoo, of course. The tattoo also marks a concept that has changed our family's life in infinite ways, and it is serendipity when two concepts can be entertained by a single symbol.

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Ramsey Hootman said...

Ha! Nice! I love your reasons. I've thought now and again about getting one but always felt like it should mean something... and so far I haven't found anything significant enough to put on my body! I mean I could get my kid's face stamped on my arm, but that's just creepy...