Friday, October 21, 2011

Facebook, Google+, and Twitter

Facebook seems a bit odd to me lately, and I cannot explain why. Sometimes a guy just gets a feeling about one thing or another, which is why I backed out of sending an essay written in the third person after I changed it to first person. 

Back to the odd feeling about Facebook, a thing I cannot explain, but a thing that is pushing me further toward Google+, which obviously given my personality may turn odd for me later. 

(It's unfair to ask me to explain "odd," since I cannot explain it to myself.)

But who is on Google+ anyway? I found a site that might help a person discover that, aptly named Find People on Plus.

I apparently have drunk the Google Kool-Aid. I use Gmail. Love it. I use Chrome. Getting used to it. I added Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the Google founders. Then I went looking for other writers, and there are thousands of them. 

How about my favorite singer/songwriter? Robert Earl Keen has plenty of fans on G+, but he apparently isn't on there himself. Then there's my co-favorite singer, Lyle Lovett. No Lyle on G+ either. 

I cannot understand whether my subconscious is moving me away from Facebook to Google+, but I do know it has said nothing about Twitter yet.

I wish my subconscious would remind me all social networks are time-suckers, at least until a person grows famous and rich enough that his PR person can take over the digital networking.

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