Friday, June 17, 2011

DISH Network, the Saga Continues
It so happens that our monthly service charge has reached $94.99, what with price increases and a minor change in scheduling.

That $94.99 is one measly penny short of the $95 service technician call added to our bill last year because of improper installation of DISH equipment. In short, the original installer did not tighten down the satellite dish, and it was moved off target by the wind.

We weren't told there would be a $95 service call for re-orienting the satellite dish. I disputed the charge. I have refused to pay it for almost a year.

This month, however, with the difference being a mere penny, the good folks at DISH "paid" the past-due technician service call with my regular bill payment, and then terminated our service because of non-payment of account. 

"DISH Network offers the best customer service in the industry."

Oh, yes. 

I call. I complain. I recite the unfairness of being charged for a service I did not authorize. I complain about my payment being diverted. I do not yell. I do not swear. I question no one's ancestry. 

And I learn that it will cost me $15 per month for the six months between now and December to terminate my contract. I am told all monies due will be billed to the credit card originally used to activate service.

I am between the proverbial rock and a hard place, assuaged only by the generous offer to waive 50% of the original service call fee. I grit my teeth ... and pay.

And I will pay through November. 

And then I will terminate DISH service and join Netflix.


Karna Converse said...

We LOVE Netflix. You'll be much happier!

deanna said...

My brother gave my parents Apple TV with Netflix, and they are happy. Though during football season they'll have to figure out something. (We don't watch sports so can get along fine without cable or satellite.)