Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Two Million People Get the Wrong Idea

A link to this video, a promotional piece, circulated among disability activists a few days ago, carrying this identification.
This short film illustrates the power of words to radically change your message and your effect upon the world. At Purplefeather we provide powerful, optimised web content to get you noticed online. Homage to Historia de un letrero, The Story of a Sign by Alonso Alvarez Barreda Music by: Giles Lamb Filmed by

It's difficult to list all the things wrong, at least from the perspective of someone with a disability. But ...
  1. It emphasizes the negative.
  2. It presumes a person with a vision impairment must depend upon charity.
  3. It is meant to inspire pity.
  4. It presumes the person with the disability requires help, aid even to beg correctly.
  5. It uses people with disability as a tool for propaganda.
One person pointed out that the short film is about disability but it wasn't captioned for the hearing-impaired nor accompanied by descriptive audio for people with sight impairment.

I find it ironic that the piece is meant to reinforce the power of words and yet it employs a negative to denigrate a human being.

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