Friday, April 15, 2011

Book Review: The Polio Journals

Polio's effect on individuals and their families
Lessons from My Mother
By Anne K. Gross, Ph.D.
275 pp. Diversity Matters Press

Reviewed by Gary Presley

A promising book, a worthwhile book, sometimes lands on the desk of the wrong reviewer. Such may be the case with The Polio Journals.

The author's mother had polio and was left a paraplegic. The author writes her about her mother, about the devastation of polio, about the place of the disease in society in her mother's era, about the disease's influence on her mother, and their family. I had polio and was left almost a quadriplegic. I hate what the disease did to me and to my family. The Polio Journals could have been written as a memoir by one of my family, a memoir in which my disability was a character.

I doubt my ability to be impartial.

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