Friday, March 4, 2011

Three-fifths a Person

***** Clarion Review
Almost two years ago I reviewed an Xlibris-published book for Foreword/Clarion, the title of which was Slavery, America, and Lincoln. I have probably review 200 books over the last few years, and that book is the only one to which I gave a five star review.

Today one of the Foreword/Clarion editors posted a note from author, noting in part, "I'd like you folks, and Mr. Presley, to know that Kirkus recently agreed with Clarion and Presley by giving my book a Starred Review ... "

It was an excellent book. The author is an attorney and a professor, and it was obvious from the book the man had studied the Constitution, Lincoln, and done significant reading about slavery in various civilizations.

And it's ... let's say "validating" to use a modernism, to know good work is recognized.

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