Monday, March 14, 2011

Thinking about Professional Dog Breeders

I went to to look for a free cat. No just any cat: a Siamese, female, and a kitten. 

I like cats. I prefer dogs. But my wife had a Siamese kitten given to her when she was a little girl. That cat lived 22 years. I bought my wife a replacement Siamese kitten, which made it to 16 years of age. We've been without a Siamese in the house for about a decade, and now we want another.

Siamese are relatively common, if a person wants one with the genetic traits rather than the official stamped papers of the cat fanciers association. Don't let me go off on a tangent here, but Google is tempting, and I soon ventured into the never-never land territories where Siamese, Persian, Himalayan, and other papered kittens are sold for $800 to $1800, shipping not included.

But I don't want to discuss Siamese kittens, one of which I haven't found yet.

That facility that drives newspaper companies nuts because of its free classifieds -- craigslist -- has more dogs under the "Pets" category than cats. Truth be told, craigslist doesn't allow pets to be sold, a fact that many seem to get around by asking a "small rehoming fee." But here's the rub. I've seen purebred dogs offered for that ambiguous small rehoming fee. Granted "small" to me may be $250 to the person offering the animal, but I've also seen purebred dogs offered for free. 

Boxer puppies sell in this area for $300-500. There was a spayed 4-year-old female Boxer this morning, ears cropped (which I don't like, especially), and up to date on inoculations. That's another $300 or so invested in veterinarian work. The dog was free.

And French and English bulldogs. In this country, the puppies sell for $1000 and up. I've seen them free. As I have papillons, schnauzers, King Charles spaniels, cocker spaniels, Shelties, and assorted other breeds that generally are sold as puppies in the range of multi-hundreds of dollars.

image from AKC website
I've only looked at the local area craiglist, which covers the area from Jefferson City to the southwest quadrant of Missouri. Granted, this area infamously shelters puppy mills, but what I've learned is that my next dog companion will come from craiglist or a shelter.

There's only one caveat. I don't think I'd trust anyone who is attempting to "rehome" or give away a purebred dog, a breed of a type the person cannot spell the name correctly.
Casual research suggests that the Dashound (dachshund) seem to be a favorite companion of poor spellers.


Glynis Jolly said...

I hope you buy one from the shelter. Those dogs are usually so grateful to have a home again. I had a Dashound went I was a kid. They're okay dogs but watch out . . . they love to run. My dog got ran over by a car because he got outside of the back yard.

Ross Eldridge said...

I've had two dachshunds, Aleks and now Cailean, and I kind of shared one before them ... Pongo.

I notice that here in the northeast (England) most of the people I meet refer to this breed as "dash-hunds" ... Except for the folks who actually have one. Then it's "dax-hunds".

Cailean was the second dachshund in our village by the sea, and was quickly followed by Humphrey and Marcus, and then Bogart and Tallulah. We also have Honey now, and a couple I have not met by name yet. Certainly, weiner dog racing in the Town Square might just be a bigger draw than Morris Dancers!

In the USA one hears of "weiner dogs" ... Here it is "sausage dogs" even though we are Saxons and nearer Germany. Go figure!