Wednesday, March 30, 2011

"One Pill Makes You Larger ... And One Pill Makes You Small"

America's Best Hot Sauce
I'd skipped the "larger" pill, and I'm not really interested in the "small" one either, since I don't need to diet. The pill I'd like is one that gives every nutrient necessary, allowing a person to skip eating. 

In my never-ending quest -- "When logic and proportion have fallen sloppy dead" -- to juice'cify my life without investing in a $300 juicer and dealing with leftover pulp, I made home-made tomato juice yesterday. The recipe is simple: water and tomato paste in three to one proportion.

I hate the added sodium in nearly every thing sold in the supermarket. Read the sodium content amounts on a container of that combined vegetable juice operating under the name of a type of car engine, and you'll see that a couple of glasses of that liquid would have you approaching daily allowances territory.

Commercial tomato juice has similar quantities of sodium. Tomato paste has only a miniscule amount.

And that means the recipe above tastes a bit bland and watery. Don't get me wrong. I like the flavoring added by salt, especially the slightly sweet taste of kosher salt. 

But I couldn't find the kosher salt, and so I added Louisiana's Crystal brand hot sauce. And, yes, I do know all hot sauces have a proportionally high sodium content, which is part of the fermenting process. But half a teaspoon is sufficient to give the right amount of kick to the 24-ounces of homemade juice.

"Perfect!" I said to my wife.

"Let me have a sip," she replied, and then "I could smell the peppers before I had it to my mouth."

The suggestion that followed was to use one of the Mrs. Dash sodium-free flavorings she found in the supermarket, and I think I'll do that for the next batch.

I don't think I've ever met a tomato I didn't like, perhaps excepting those pinkish colored tennis balls sold in grocery stores under the alias of "tomato." And of course, one cup, or two, a day, means more Vitamin C, more lycopene. 

title and quote from Jefferson Airplane's White Rabbit

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