Friday, March 25, 2011

Did You Ever Wonder How Arguing with a Company Would Reflect on Your Credit Score?

Do I Need to Beg?
An email ...

To those souls at DISH Network who still care about a fair resolution to my complaint: 

Would you please tell me the date my service contract ends? 
  • I do not want it renewed.
  • I want no service from DISH after that date. 
  • I want all DISH equipment picked up on that date or within a reasonable period. 
  • I accept no responsibility for DISH equipment after the date my service contract ends. 
I have paid electronically the $94.99 for actual service. The payment will be received by DISH's computers on March 28th. 

I have not paid the unfair service charge added to my account, a charge that was applied more than 6 months ago. I have no plans to pay it regardless of red ink on my bills and robo-calls on my telephone. 

I still expect that unfair service charge to be deleted. 
  • I was not warned that a service call fee to repair DISH's own equipment would be made. 
  • I was never offered the $6 a month service contract. 
 DISH has failed to live up to its advertised declaration of the "best customer service in the industry."
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