Friday, February 18, 2011

Not Really a Publishing Credit, But ...

Image from NYTIMES
Daniel Jones, the editor of the "Modern Love" column for The New York Times, substituted a rumination on love -- that is, the attraction between humans that makes the world go 'round -- for the weekly essay for St. Valentine's Day. He opens with ...

IS there a proven strategy for finding love? If so, I suspect millions of people would like to know. In six years of editing this column, I have received so many stories from the baffled and the frustrated that even tsunami metaphors can’t convey the volume.

In the essay, he references several of the "Modern Love" essays he has edited and published over those six years. I'm happy to say my essay, printed in November 2009, was one.

In this column we publish stories about human relationships, hoping to illuminate some facet of love. But I would not call many of them love stories. A bona fide love story is a rare thing. Gary Presley’s, which appeared here 15 months ago, is one. 

I am pleased, not so much because I crave being published (which I do) but because I was able to write a piece that lingered in someone's heart and memory.

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