Friday, January 28, 2011

"The Uniform," in Publication

"The Uniform," appearing in Action, a publication of United Spinal, came about after I began to mull over an old fellow's remark about my evident disability.
“It’s always good to get out, isn’t it?” he says. “We can always see someone worse off than we are and feel better about ourselves.”

The observation has a reflective quality, meditative in a near Zen sense, one that borders on positive acceptance, on seeking to do that which will allow one accept oneself.

I suppose too there's an element of schadenfreude, albeit to reach that point may require the same contortions as making the sentiment fit into the concept of zen.

All I know is that I've ridden around for 50 years, and that comment was a first for me.

We are a comparative species, true, often establishing our value (temporarily, at best) by calculating the value of others (appearance, wealth, social status, education, etc.) whether subconsciously, or as in this case consciously.

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