Friday, January 14, 2011

High Maintenance Boxer Dogs, Part II

I cannot yell. In fact, I don't talk very loudly. It's part of post-polio. That's fine. I live with it.

But it makes for difficult dog training when a person lives on two acres. A dog fifty yards away isn't going to respond to a person who cannot be heard. Oh, I suppose a Border collie might, hand signals and all that, but I cannot wave my arms either. 

On a hunch, I bought a predator call. It's a small little whistle-like device that emits sound similar to that of a rabbit in distress. It's meant, I suppose, for people who hunt coyotes in locations where the beasts are considered vermin. No one wants coyotes around sheep or cattle, especially during birthing seasons. It's marshal law for coyotes in some places, although the recent trend for many farmers and ranches is to use one of the dog breeds that live with livestock like the Komondor or the Anatoliian shepherd.

The little predator call gadget sure brings our dogs running, though. Daisy the Boxer can be 100 yards away, and I can open the door, imitate a rabbit whose just discovered his bank account is overdrawn, and she hightails it to the house.

Of course, she gets a treat too.

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