Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Review: Secrets to the Grave

I suppose people -- I should speak for myself, right? -- I suppose I like mysteries because they provide a somewhat realistic, almost believable life experience in the face of a real-life atmosphere of insufficient organization in the face of entropy. Everything may be spiraling out of control, days may feel as if we are herding cats, but at least the bad guy is brought to justice in the end.

I recently reviewed a new book for Kirkus and discovered a writer new to me. Tami Hoag. Like Sue Grafton and the late Ross Macdonald she sets her mysteries in the Santa Barbara vicinity of California. Here's a link to the review
The "See-No-Evil" serial killer is jailed awaiting trial, and the last thing Sheriff's Detective Tony Mendez needs is another murder victim, especially a beautiful young woman brutally stabbed and slashed. 
 Read the complete review here.

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