Wednesday, December 29, 2010

"Quality Customer Service" as Offered by DISH Network

GARY: I am very, very frustrated with having been charged $95 for a service call without being told a charge would be made and without being warned that there is a service option available for a fee. I am willing to enroll in the service option program if the $95 fee is waived. I am doubly frustrated because I did nothing that caused the loss of service requiring the service call. It was a problem with DISH-owned equipment. I have paid my bills faithfully, and I expect to be provided a service without being charged a problem I have not caused.  

DISH: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We completely understand where you are coming from. Keep in mind that, though Dish Network owns the equipment, there is a degree of responsibility involved with those who lease equipment from us.

A good way to understand this is to compare it to leasing a car. Should you happen to get a flat tire or have a tail light go out, you would be responsible for fixing that issue even though the car company owns the vehicle.

Similarly, should your Dish Network system suffer from an issue of its own, there is still some responsibility on your part to resolve the issue. Every time a technician is needed to check a customer’s system, there is a corresponding fee for him to come out.

However, we have reduced the cost of the technician visit from $95.00 to a $15.00 co-pay since you have the Service Plan. For a small fee of $15.00, we have sent a highly skilled technician to your home to check your services, this includes a 60-day warranty, and replacement of any DISH Network equipment. We regret to inform you that the $15.00 fee for the technician visit is a valid charge and we are unable to reverse the said fee.

Thank you for your email. Sincerely, Angeli C.-4QU

GARY: Thank you. I find this fair. I will pay the $15 with the next bill. I have already scheduled automatic electronic payment of the current bill. I appreciate also your adding the service plan to my account.

DISH: Thank you for taking the time to contact us. We understand your concern. This is to clarify that the charge for your technician visit is $95 since you do not have the Service Plan from your Dish Network account. If you wish to add the $6 Service Plan, please verify the security question below. Personal Identification Number (PIN) on the account. If you agree to provide the information requested above, and would like to continue with your request, please reply to this email for confirmation.


But what is stated here is not what was stated in the previous email.

In that, it was stated DISH agrees to drop the $95 charge from the previous visit if I would enroll in the service plan. If you'll look at the email pasted in below, you'll see that's so. Since I was not told about the $95, I feel the above would be fair.

GARY, A NOTE SENT WITH EACH FOLLOWING BILL: My bill still includes the service charge that was supposed to be waived if I would sign up for the service agreement ($15 service calls).

More complicated than that, the service agreement isn't being charged to my bill either. I am very frustrated with DISH's inability to resolve this issue, especially considering the advertising campaign about quality "customer service" being aired. I will re-state the situation:

* DISH's equipment failed.
* I was charged $95 for a service call.
* I was not told I would need to pay such a high charge to repair DISH's equipment.
* I was told that the $95 would be waived if I would accept the service agreement.
* I accepted the service agreement.
* I am still being charged $95.
* I do not have the service agreement on my contract. I don't think this situation is so complicated that it should require repeated emails to resolve.

I have paid the $89.99 due on my current bill for satellite service. I have not paid the $95 service charge.

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Ruth D~ said...

Don't let up until justice is served. Annoying at the very least...and puzzling how the left hand doesn't know what the right is doing.