Monday, November 8, 2010

Those Powerful Vegans

There's a feature article in Bloomberg Business Week -- "The Rise of Power Vegans" -- about the rich, famous, and powerful who have taken up the vegan life-style -- that is, vegetarianism amplified to the exclusion of any animal products. It's an interesting piece, one made far more fun to read by the expected agreement, disagreement, and You are an idiot spouting moronic nonsense comments, all twenty-some pages of them.

My friend Ross recently commented here that he's taken up the vegetarian life-style. Personally, I didn't find the change all that difficult, and I think at this point I'm seen more as a curiosity than as a radical, at least in  my family. But vegan? I'm not so sure. There's nothing better than a farm-fresh egg hard-boiled and slathered with Tabasco sauce. And yogurt. I like plain, low-fat yogurt, which is doubtless better for the metabolism than "The Bowling Special."

That sandwich had nothing to do with the game of bowling. It was named after its creator, Oscar Bowling, a man who earned his start in the restaurant business by catering saddle club and other outdoor events. He later opened two or three barbeque joints, building the trade, selling the goodwill, taking a rest, and then opening another around the Stone-Lawrence-Barry county area of Missouri.

The Bowling Special

  • Barbequed beef
  • Barbequed pork
  • Barbequed turkey
  • Barbeque sauce
  • Sour kraut
  • Swiss cheese
  • All on a bun the size of a dinner plate.

The calorie count must have been numbered in four digits, and the fat content enough to clog the arteries of a grizzly bear, but it was an extraordinary culinary experience, kept from perfection only by the fact that none of the Bowling Barbeque restaurants had a license to sell beer.

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