Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Releasing a Little Good Karma into the World

A friend, Rebecca Kellogg, who I met several years ago via The Internet Writing Workshop, posted an interesting short piece on her blog today, a piece called "Heroes of My Tribes."

Rebecca is a writer, copywriter, and marketing consultant, and in the post, she has listed several people who have come into her life for the good. Remarkably enough, Rebecca considers me one of them. Read her post here, and you'll find me about half way down the page.

Karma seems logical to me, even in a world where scientists posit a multi-dimensional universe and the Wall Street bankers and derivative demons continue to receive bonuses after resorting to federal bailouts. Perhaps it is better to say a karmic approach to life seems spiritually satisfying. And it's satisfying to see it in action.

Read a piece here Rebecca wrote for Action Online after the publication of Seven Wheelchairs.

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Rebecca said...

Thank you Gary. I just noticed you have a YouTube link. I want to check that out later.