Monday, November 1, 2010

"Eating Like a Real Man"

An essay about an odd breakfast has been published by The Cynic Magazine.

Read "The Borders of Breakfast" here.

My friend Barry said he liked the essay, "but to qualify as a true cooking like a guy recipe, alas, that chili would've had to be canned."

True enough. During that period, my not-yet-then-wife also would criticize me because I always ate out of one bowl with one spoon, then put the bowl/spoon in the sink, added a drop of soap, and ran warm water into it.

With that, I would have a clean bowl for the next meal. That's all a guy needs. A bowl. A spoon. Anything requiring cutting can be torn apart with the teeth.

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Ross Eldridge said...

Hallo there, Gary,

I've never put chili over my cereal, but I recall clearly once finding no milk in the fridge and using orange juice. Rather unpleasant!

I have become, by the way, a vegetarian. Back in May I had a vegan friend visit. Thought to myself: "I'll just not eat meat ..." Not signing on to a cause or religion. Going on six months, I've not missed the meat (and seafood) at all. I'm eating cheese now and then, and I have milk in my coffee ... from happy cows and goats, I trust.

I have a very simple dish & utensil system. Three sizes of plates (one of each), a bowl, a glass, a coffee mug and a soup mug. Knife, fork, spoon. If I have visitors ... I can do a pot of tea. They want more? Off to a cafe or pub.

Cailean has three steel bowls. Dry, moist and water.

So it goes!