Saturday, October 9, 2010

Reviews, Reviews, Times Two

The Ruin 
Genre: Fiction
Author: Kenneth Fenter
Publisher: Arborwood Press
Rating: Four Stars (out of Five)

Kenneth Fenter’s The Ruin is part coming-of-age novel, part Robinson Crusoe, part history lesson, and wholly deserving of an audience of both adults and teenagers. [Read the complete review here]

Genre: Fiction
Author: Mike Smith Publisher:
Rating: Four Stars (out of Five)

Mike Smith’s first novel, Backazimuth, is a tidy thriller set in the Arabian Desert. Bill Slade, West Point graduate and combat engineer, is a reformed drunk, with bottle-fueled misadventures scattered along the tracks of a nearly derailed military career. He’s assigned to the 24th infantry division, poised on the Saudi-Iraqi border and waiting for Operation Desert Storm, the attack order to liberate Kuwait. Saddam Hussein’s Republican Guard lurks across the horizon, which provides danger enough, but Slade has discovered a conspiracy, one which has left a trail of dead bodies leading back to a California military training center.  [Read the complete review here]

The Concept of Labor in Islam 
Author: Khalil Ur Rehman
Publisher: Xlibris Rating:
Three Stars (out of Five)

Muslims make up the second-largest religious group in the world, yet while many in the Western world have a passing familiarity with the Bible, it is a rare person who knows the basic tenets of Islam or how the Qur’an delineates life in a Muslim society. Many Muslims live in theocracies, nations governed according to religious law. In his book, The Concept of Labor in Islam, Khalil Ur Rehman has set out to explain how the principles of Islam’s Holy Qur’an apply to labor in the twenty-first century.  [Read the complete review here]

Was I Betrayed by Man? 
Genre: Religion
Author: Shirley Cook
Publisher: Xlibris Rating:
Two Stars (out of Five)

Was I Betrayed by Man? is an evangelical book with an Apocryphal theme in which the author moves beyond accepted Christian theology to reexamine end-time prophecy. Simply put, Cook believes that a majority of Christians are misreading the wisdom of the early Apostles. “Matthew 22:40 is talking about the coming of the antichrist in the end times,” she writes. “People are working in the Lord’s fields; one person is taken and one is left. The one taken has been deceived. The one left keeps working for the Lord…I know we were taught the other way around.” In fact, the author suggests, “A lot of what is written in God’s Word was suppressed by the early churches and some present preachers and leaders.”[Read the complete review here]

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