Wednesday, October 6, 2010

More Reviews, This Time Signed

Laughing Not to Cry 
Genre: Fiction
Author: Mona Figure
Publisher: iUniverse Star
Rating: Four Stars (out of Five)

There’s much to cry about for Dorothy Brainerd Rutherford, the heroine of Mona Figure’s novel, but laughs? Not many. Readers, on the other hand, will be entertained. [Read the review here]

The Guptas 
Genre: Autobiography/Memoir
Author: Fred Gupta
Publisher: Author
Rating: Three Stars (out of Five)

Immigration can bring out the best and worst in people, a fact fully illustrated in The Guptas. [Read the review here.]

The Wayward Son and Other Tales 
Genre: Fiction
Author: Benjamin Ordover
Publisher: CreateSpace
Rating: Three Stars (out of Five)

Imagine yourself a Jew in Auschwitz. Such is the horror facing Shmuel Myritz, who turns away from family and culture to become Karol Marik in pre-war Warsaw. “The war ended but not the memories,” writes Benjamin Ordover in “The Wayward Son,” which concludes this collection, and evokes memories of Stryon’s Sophie’s Choice. Ordover’s commendable book encompasses eight stories adhering to a theme of “Suddenly your life turns upside down. What would you do?” [Read the review here.]

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