Monday, October 11, 2010

"I Did Not Know That ... "

A writer friend from Florida posted a note on a group bulletin board we both follow linking to a business news report that Huffington Post, the hot political/social blog/website, does not pay for content from its bloggers.

The article's author termed it the "New Feudalism." I suppose that's as good a description as possible. I've written for pennies. And I've written for dollars. The trouble with me is, all things considered I would probably blog for Huffington Post, even if I wasn't being paid, simply because the byline would open doors elsewhere.

Of course, that's what HuffPo relies on, excepting in the cases of their celebrity bloggers. A cynic might suggest those folks don't write the material anyway.

But I was surprised. I thought HuffPo was prosperous enough -- and liberal enough -- that the enterprise might be operated with a sense of equity. Apparently not. Apparently the liberal establishment is as willing as the conservative establishment to put money (profits) ahead of social responsibility.

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