Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Blockhead Will Not Be Paid

I keep an active Google Alert for my name, a sensible thing for any writer to do I think. Today the alert popped up with a link to a site offering a "free download" of my memoir.

I've talked with the people at The University of Iowa Press more than once about the Press's plans to issue a Kindle version of Seven Wheelchairs, but so far there's been no action on their part. I'd like to see that.

But I'm not sure I like seeing the book offered "free" by as an electronic download. Apparently the Press didn't realize this was happening until I emailed today. They are investigating. That investigation will lead to two other sites -- Filesonic, "the world's best file sharing site" and Depositfiles, a web-hosting service -- which are the targets of the links listed by ebook3000 and which only confuses the issue further.

Who is the culprit? An individual who scanned the book and uploaded it? Was that person paid? Or was it the ebook3000 company that turned the book into an electronic format?

I'm something of a blockhead, by Samuel Johnson's definition of writers, and I know my memoir will never make me rich. All I know is that I am not being paid, and it is difficult to watch as my hard work is given away.

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Ruth D~ said...

Gotta love the Google alert function. Don't let this issue go...I think I know you well enough to know that you won't.