Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Internet Review of Books

The Internet Review of Books is about to undergo big changes.

My retirement as Editor and Ruth Douillette's as Associate Editor take effect with the publication of this issue. Both of us have other interests we want to pursue.

Julie McGuire, Gary Presley, and Bob Sanchez will continue the enterprise with a new model. Starting on October 15, they plan to publish reviews throughout the month, meaning that you won't have to wait thirty days for great new content. Julie will continue as the Fiction Editor, Bob will become the Non-Fiction Editor, and Gary will run the website.

During my three-year tenure as editor, the IRB has found loyal readers, whom I want to thank. I also thank the publishers who have made their books available to us. We benefited hugely from the work of numerous reviewers, without whom we could have done nothing, and they have my heartfelt appreciation. And, of course, the selfless endeavors of all our editors were the mainstay of our publication. Those remarkable people have my undying gratitude.

I urge all our readers to stick by the IRB as it continues to give you content unmatched in any other publication.

Once more, thanks to everybody who has made IRB a great success!

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