Friday, August 27, 2010

DISH TV and Other Woes

High definition signal fails. We pay an extra fee every month so that we can have high definition television.

"Sorry, sir," says the customer service representative. "I'll have to send a technician out. I cannot fix the problem from here."


Technician arrives. Problem fixed. Satellite dish (DISH installed) is no longer solid its mount and has drifted off signal path.

Everyone is satisfied.

Bill arrives, including a $95 service charge.

"Why am I being a charged a service fee if it is DISH's equipment that needed repair? Am I not paying $82 a month for your signal, including high definition? If your equipment cannot receive your signal, why should I be charged to repair it?"

"That's our policy, sir," the customer service representative says, "unless you have a service contract at $6 a month."

"That eliminates the fee for any service call?"

"Not exactly, sir. You must pay the first $15 of any service call."

The logic of commerce is that, especially considering we are beyond the reach of cable and DISH will charge us $225 if we choose to terminate service and change to DIRECTV.


Carter said...

Don't you just love capitalism as we know it?

Portable Satellite Dish said...

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