Monday, August 30, 2010

Cymbalta or Medical Marijuana

Head to a doctor, complain of chronic pain -- well, at least chronic pain related to the idea of chronic fatigue syndrome -- and you might be offered an opiate, but it's more likely today that you'll be offered one of the new drugs specifically targeted toward neuropathy.

I did. I said, "Post-polio syndrome feels to me like some of the symptoms people with chronic fatigue syndrome complain about. What about Cymbalta or one of those other drugs being pushed by Big Pharm.?"

A little study, a bit of agreement, and a measure of dollars later, I swallow my first pill. And once it flooded my system, it seemed to work. To a degree. Enough to reduced the Tylenol 4 to one pill on most days.

But in the back of my mind, I've always thought that marijuana would be a better, more natural choice. Medical marijuana is legal here and there, but not the here where I live. And so I don't intend to try it. But it's always in the news.

I'm not one much for conspiracy theories, although I do tend to believe in Murphy's Golden Rule -- He who has the gold makes the rules. -- but even at that I'm not sure the pharmaceutical companies are central in opposition to medical marijuana. It seems instead to be one of those things that defy the logic with which I view the world.

Does marijuana as improper medical treatment mean we should also deny any pharmaceutical used on the street to a patient in need?

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Carter said...

The puritanical opposition to medical marijuana, or for that matter, the free use of marijuana by anybody dumb enough to smoke it who doesn't need it, is indefensible.

What's more, taxing and regulating in some fashion all the other street drugs would put a lot of the privately owned prisons we're stuck with now out of business and save millions for the U.S. Not to mention that it would be a tremendous help in stopping the drug wars in Mexico.

Prohibition does not work. Didn't anybody learn anything in the 1930s?

And prohibition of medical marijuana is simply cruel.