Friday, January 22, 2010

Leaving Home

"Run away from home? Who, me?"

It's a joke around our house that I would get no more than 28 miles distant -- that's not far enough to reach a land with tropical weather, a place I would seek -- which is the advertised distance available from my fully charged wheelchair batteries.

That's why I'm intrigued with an idea of the "Journey of a Million Smiles," as announced on the coincidentally named Traveling Wheelchair website.

It won't be Kenny of the Traveling Wheelchair making the million-smile journey but rather Matt Eddy.
From June 29, 2008 to October 25,2008, Matt took his wheelchair Roll’n Across America Summer 2008 to raise awareness for disability issues and represent Matt’s Place, a charity that Matt and his Respiratory Therapist Ron Steenbruggen started to build accessible houses for people with severe disabilities so they can live independently in their communities.

Matt will leave Red Rock Park at Lynn Beach in Lynn, Massachusetts on June 5, 2010 at 10am and drive his wheelchair on back roads across the USA with a final destination of The Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, California. Matt’s goal is to cross the USA in the shortest time by wheelchair while collecting one dollar from one million people. The journey is estimated to take 120 days. The funds raised from the “Million Smiles Tour” will support the programs provided by Matt’s Place Inc.
Based upon my own experience, I'm guess'timating Matt will average, say, 3-miles-per-hour. If he can roll along about eight hours a day -- let's add an extra mile to make it even -- he can cover 3000 miles in the 120 days.
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