Thursday, December 10, 2009

Year of the Dog, IV

Daisy Dog, the once super slender Boxer puppy, has passed her fourth month birthday fast gaining weight and size. She is thriving on a brew of homemade dog food, with sweet potatoes being the most recent addition to the vegetable-and-fish stew.

Last night I woke up with her sprawled across my chest. Presently she weighs less than 20 pounds, somewhat (but not much) smaller than our two Boston terriers. The Bostons sleep on our bed, the male between us, the female between my feet. Daisy has joined the crowded, which provoked this observation from my wife:
"She's going to be a full-grown Boxer who thinks she weighs 20 pounds."

I hope not, especially since this particular Boxer has proven herself somewhat difficult to housebreak. Daisy does nicely at night, whining when she wants to be let outdoors, but during the day, her attitude grows more ... casual.

In fact, I could be provoked in saying that this particular Boxer doesn't seem as intelligent as the terriers, or as intelligent as some other dogs I have known. A local Boxer fancier says the housebreaking issue is related to the dog's metabolism and relatively inefficient waste system -- in his words, a "small bladder."
"Don't even bother to try to housebreak a Boxer until they're passed four months old."
We shall see. It may be the price of a Boxer should include the price of new carpeting.

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Jody Ewing said...

Gary, but she's oh so worth it. They always are.

Daisy Dog is such an adorable little girl it makes me want to reach into the photo and pick her up to snuggle. The other Boxer is a cutie, too. Glad to hear they're all right where they belong at night. Where else than on the bed?

When I think about all the dogs left outdoors at night in the cold (and usually with very little social interaction during the day) it makes me want to cry.

Keep us posted on Daisy's progress, and keep the photos coming! :-)