Monday, November 16, 2009

A Book Review: Just Food

I had the good luck to be assigned James McWilliams' Just Food for a review in this month's Internet Review of Books. It's a superbly argued thesis advocating a thorough rethinking of how human beings approach the idea of food.

If you cannot afford to buy a copy, I urge you to check the book out and read it when it arrives at your local library.

Just Food author James McWilliams also has an opinion piece in today's Washington Post.

Read his opinion piece at this link.

Read the IRB's review of Just Food at this link.

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Carter said...

I still have one great complaint about both the book and the article. He's certainly right that agribusiness and all its works is disastrous, but he ignores the elephant in the room--overpopulation. Even if everyone in the world turned vegetarian overnight, every year the world's population would continue to grow at an ever-faster rate.

Vegetarianism might postpone the mass starvation, but it would only
slow it down.

Some population forecasters think population growth will slow down on its own--birth-control and all that. I don't--unless some catastrophe does in nine-tenths of the people in the world so we can start all over.

God said to be fruitful and multiply. That's exactly what we've done.