Wednesday, October 14, 2009


The tradition in our family is to allow the animals that join the gang to tell us their names. Two decades ago our first cat told us her name on the drive home after we bought her. She was "Silky."

The first dog came by his name of "Beemer" because my wife wanted a BMW, and a dog was cheaper than a German import.

The newest cat, rescued from the jaws of death as manifested by a miniature Daschund, moved in two days ago, but she has yet to present her ID.

One member said she looks like a "Stormy."

Too prosaic, I thought.

Another person offered "Peaches."

I thought her name might be "Pinky," but she only answered to that because I had a jar lid full of canned mackerel in my hand.

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Ross Eldridge said...

Hi there, Gary,

On behalf of miniature dachshunds everywhere, I do apologise for the loutish behavior of one of our kind to your newly acquired cat. I'm not sure whether my Cailean likes cats or not, in 19 months we've not seen one! Too cold and wet up here for outdoor cats, I reckon.

I was owned by a cat for 19 years and his name was as he suggested it ... Pudding. He seemed to come after meals!

I named Cailean after considering "Colin" and finding a friend already had had one by that name. He was very nearly "Haltwhistle" ... The name of a town in the Pennines, halfway across northern England. And I considered "Septimus" because he is the 7th dog I've had in my lifetime.

One thing about naming a cat ... The cat will totally ignore it in most cases.

Hoping this finds you well, and not having your furniture used as a scratching post ...