Monday, October 19, 2009

Detective Ironside Never Visited This Place

A fellow member of a disability-in-the-media discussion list found this photograph on a site called

It reminds me why I always resented the Ironsides television show. Raymond Burr -- Detective Ironsides -- would cruise around town in his custom van (Might it have be subtly racist that his driver was an African American? Of course, Don Mitchell later became a police officer and attorney as consciousness was raised among the writers.) and stopped at various venues.

The next shot? Ironisides indoors.

I've spent enough time outside of people's houses and public places to know that only the American with Disabilities Act opened doors for people who use wheelchairs.

Too bad these people didn't remember it.

  • And yes, I know the shot was probably taken from a perspective that obscured the ramp.

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