Monday, September 14, 2009

Further Thoughts: Dependency and Being a Jerk

Discussing my comments on this issue, one reader reminded us that what is happening to Nyle Nagy at Brookhaven Care Center (update) is sheer negligence and, secondly, a civil rights issue. Another person remark through Facebook, "So -- what's the alternative? Being a good little inmate?"

My point, obviously not properly made, is that this ugly situation, this brutal bullying is precisely what many people with disabilities have come to expect when they are forced to rely on other people for essential services.

It's a sad fact that this sort of coercion, this sort of punishment occurs in family situations as well. And let's not mention the acts of homicide.

Obviously, it does not happen everywhere in every situation, but it happens often enough that people with disabilities should be apprehensive. To me, it goes beyond professional negligence and a violation of civil rights. It is an ugly display of immorality.

For much of my life, I have often lacked the courage to confront people who seemingly intend neglect. And I am certain it takes courage to accept the consequences of being a strong person, the sort who is willing to demand that his or her needs be carried out exactly as that person wishes even if it is contrary to what the service provider believes is acceptable.

And even if it is a threat to safety or welfare.

I prefer manipulation. Whether that manipulation comes in the form of good manners, hypocrisy, or outright bribery depends on the situation.

Negligent care? Outright abuse? Violation of my human rights?

I intend to endure. I will survive the bastards I encounter.


Terri said...

Sorry. It's horrifying and wrong.

Carter said...

Yes, it's horrifying and wrong. So are a lot of other things.

But Gary, if your system works for you, it's the one you need. Whatever works, as writers are always saying.