Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Disability Advocate in the US News and World Report

Laura Hershey speaks out in The US News and World Report against rationing health care on the basis of ephemeral quality of life values.

What I've never been able to understand in this debate is why the federal government does not use the system in place -- Medicare -- to provide coverage for those presently without insurance. It appears we are reinventing the proverbial wheel.

That would solve one element of the problem: coverage.

The second aspect of the problem -- ever-increasing costs -- could be tackled separately. No one denies that insurance companies, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, and adjunct industries need to be regulated, but that is an issue distinct from providing coverage to everyone that wants it.

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Bob Sanchez said...

I'm not sure, Gary. Covering the uninsured under Medicare might or might not be a good idea, but it would vastly increase the cost of the program, which is already said to be overburdened with costs.

I don't see how you unlink the range of coverage with costs, which increase in two dimensions: cost of services and number of people served. How do you rein in expenditures and expand coverage at the same time?

Bob Sanchez