Tuesday, July 28, 2009

More on Creative Nonfiction

A writer visited me with after the Springfield Writers Guild meeting and said she didn't seen any reason why the "sensory interpretation" tip could not be applied to fiction. Why not? Any event that can be rendered using sight, sound, touch, scent, and maybe even taste will lead to a narrative (and characters), and further on to metaphors and analogies, visible through those those five "windows."

Of course, the use of metaphor and analogy arises from a person's ability to recognize references and connections between things. It is a way of seeing, one generated by genes, upbringing, and experience.

It doesn't translate, though. I like and understand and use metaphor, but I rarely get modern art. Sometimes I see the essence of some of early Cubists, but show me a Jackson Pollock, and I will say "Huh?"

I think a writer can train the writerly brain to see metaphors, but it is easier if one thinks in that fashion -- at least without becoming overly pretentious, mannered, and self-conscious about their use.

Natural is better.

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